you so much for all the positive (or should that be negative?) comments on the post below. The little felt heart above is for you all. It's great to see that people do care and I'm not just a mental lefty or whatever. But like I said you don't have to march or anything to get your message across (unless you want too!) just talk to people. The more people who know and understand that the cuts are going to effect them and impact on them the more they'll give a shit and hopefully not let the coalition become a majority in the next election.


I know what you're thinking...it's not Halloween yet. But I was thinking more Hannah Marshall than witch when I put this sheer skirt on this morning. It makes you want to sway as you walk down the street. Like the Doctor in Green Wing and his white coat when he goes round corners. At least that is what I will be thinking after I've made this post, returned comments, gone out and completely forgotten about starting work at 9.30 tomorrow...


I'm sorry if I've bombarded you with posts over the last week but I seem to be bursting at the seams with stuff to say/wear/be inspired by after a couple of weeks of being exhausted. It's nice, especially with half term next week. I forgot how much time means.


Image from here.

This is the last post for a few days as I'm heading up to London for cake making and perhaps a little dabble in petrolbombmakingtoo. Did I just say that? Opps. Whilst I'm away though I present to you a couple of Youtube video that may have shed a little ray of light - ok minuscule - on this awful situation we find ourselves in.

Short video.

Longer video.

Peace. Love. & Pink Floyd.



  1. god, look at all those smug tory gits (that includes nick clegg)...david cameron is a true master at the art of dodging a question, i'll give him that!

    have fun in london making cakes etc! :)


  2. Love the .gif! Might have to steal your idea. :P


  3. Aha you were at Darwin Deez and we didn't see each other? The Thekla is tiiiny as well. It's strange how that can happen. And oh how amazing were Crystal Castles?

    Did you ever see the Tory billboard at the roundabout at the bottom of Old Market? Someone had written 'dick' on David Cameron's forehead and given him a little Hitler moustache. I loved that billboard; it made me smile every time my bus went past it.

    P.S. yay for swishy skirts!