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Cos in Paris was like a school of how to wear wonderful coats. A majority of the shop was black and everyone had a habit of crowding you to get first dibs even though it wasn't that busy and there wasn't a limit to the clothes. It was a little weird. But I was looking mainly for my mum. She got some amazing stuff, mainly this orange felt dress that I think she should get made in a rainbow of colours & wear only that for the rest of her life. But that's just me. 

Anyway when I saw this I sort of fell in love with the colour. I've wanted something the sort of neon yellow green for a while now but have been told my several people how it would just make me look sick and ill. I don't wholly buy into that whole, "certain people shouldn't wear certain colours" thing since I broke through my orange barrier. That sounded dramatic, anyway, I don't want to look ill or sick but I think this is just the right side of green for it to look ok. The shape is more of a challange but what do you think I should wear with it? I'm sticking to tight at the moment for safety.



  1. I love the shape of the jumper!

  2. i really like stuff like this, shapeless things. i reckon it would look good with longer t shirt underneath, leggings/tights and those oil slick docs! or just regular sneaker types