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These photos caught my eye from things going into H&M over the next couple of months. I saw some of the stuff the other day & it was all kind of horrible feeling, with the Acne style jumper a little shiny for my taste. But that motorcycle feel raincoat is INSANE. I will be checking into town over the next month looking out for this beauty. I'm sure it will feel disgusting too, but then I guess it's sort of supposed too. & I can then say officially that I have a developing see-thru raincoat collection along with my Berlin muji find

There was also a couple of good men's shirts here & here, that I wish I still had a preppy male friend to convince into. Or a bf that wore colours other than black. Plus quite a lot of suit jackets with matching colour shorts/trousers. This blue blazer & matching wide legs are pretty lovely. Unfortunately though I find wide legs are usually too short for me. So I end up with the kind of weird cropped ones ASOS seem obsessed with at the moment. I'm not really into that. But I find it weird because anyone can hem up a pair of trousers that are too long, or wear heels, but you can't produce fabric out of no where. Does anyone else have this problem? Oh well, I think I'd rather have my gangly legs than some wide leg trousers.

What do you have your eye on?



  1. well as we very well know the fabric test is the clincher isn't it. i've been trying to find a sweatshirt, just can't find the perfect one. i need soft but decent fitting and not too long and baggy. i think i'm going to have to spend a bit more than normal on one.

    the colours are sweet here though. muji is up there in my fav shops. i got a few things from there for xmas actually, need to blog them

  2. ohh i love this! so into pastels x