Guys that's me when I was four! Now I'm 20! Insane how much cuteness I've lost. & that hair. & actually I would love an adult sized version of that dress too. So not changed that much. Taller, less ginger, about a thousand times more jaded, but that's about it. Thought that was nicer than a photo of my looking grumpy or drunk as a teenager. Instead.

Things I'll miss about being a teenager:
1. Having an excuse to live at home & not have a real job
2. That scared feeling waiting outside a club, at a bar, that you might get asked your age
3. People being impressed that I have older friends, or being impressed by older people
4. Not having to pay for anything.
5. Half terms and summer holidays
6. Being able to have mood swings & be the depressive of the family without it being *an issue*
7. Functioning on no sleep
8. Going out 7 nights a week & not having to function
9. Listening to shitty music because "The lyrics are my life"
10. Everything being so pivotal & dramatic

I realise that some of those things are really childhood, and some of them people mainly do in their 20s but to be honest. I lived at about double, triple speed for 5 or so years when I was younger so I feel about 30 by now in the "I just wanna blow my mind" stakes. Oh well, we'll see, maybe I'll get a second wind....



  1. I'm twenty this year too. Real life begins properly, I always get the feeling that at twenty you have to kind of start sorting your life out. (oops). So many things I'll miss about being a teenager, real life came round too quick!

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm 18 now... it feels weird to say the least and starting uni is going to be even weirder, in the big wide world and not at (compulsary) school.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great day.

  3. happy birthday dude, being 26 i can just about manage one boozy session. i dunno, it gets to be an effort. i much prefer saying in these days, beer and pizza is my weekend.

    i'm off to brighton next month so i'm sure i'll have a few late nights, my mate who i'm seeing (who is 27) still likes to drink till 6, it's bad at the time but worth it in the end

  4. Aw happy Birthday! I'm terrified of being older, I hope 20 doesn't scare you. You were such an adorable 4 year old. xxx

  5. Belated Happy Birthday!
    I'm looking at 22 in a week or two, a strange thought but I think twenties can and will be an awesome time :)

  6. Happy belated birthday Jess! It's weird being twenty (my birthday was in December), I don't like being a "grown up". Although I have to disagree with your second point, they still think I'm using fake ID.

  7. Haha 'Everything being so pivotal and dramatic' - love that one! I actually don't miss being a teenager that much, it was so angsty and I've definitely found I've settled into myself these last couple of years. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And you were ROCKING that daisy dress, didn't Topshop bring out a very similar one last year? You should sue!

  8. Ahhhh happy birthday, you look ADORABLE in the little daisy dress. I turned 18 last Sunday so am still in that happy daze of being able to go to bars legally and all that jazz. Everything does still feel so pivotal and dramatic haha :) xxx

  9. Well aren't you guys just the sweetest.