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In a week filled with cards that made me cry (good) & sleepless nights at surprise parties (very good!) I've been clinging to my favourites clothes wise. In the restaurant we went to for my birthday lunch in the toilets a lady said how much she loved my dress from staring at it & then started noticing "Oh it has hands! & feet!? I thought it was butterflies!" I love that moment. Antipodium + Craig Redman = Awesomeness always. Plus one of my best eBay finds in the form of a Jean Muir cardigan thing with sheer poet sleeves. So all in all floating around in a daze.

Cheers for all the birthday wishes below! Everyone keeps saying how amazing their 20s are so I guess we'll see. But I'm sceptical (not that I have a choice) I feel like in to the 90s being in your 20s was everything, & then like skins happened & people realised teenagers did shit too. Anyway yes, 20. Weird. I keep telling my cat that we have to grow up now, she doesn't look impressed at my progress!



  1. And the 20s look at the rest of the world calling them 'the best years of life' and think the world is mad. Go figure.

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  2. such an adorable dress, I'm going to be 20 in November and I'm not looking forward to finishing being a teenager!

  3. 20s are different but it's only because you have different activities to do, it depends how you tackle them surely. i'm having a good time but i do have less friends

  4. thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  5. love the print of your dress!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  6. Yey, Antipodium! And tha particular print, love it. X