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Ok so I have to confess that I haven't actually worn this dress out yet. I always try & post outfits I've actually lived in because that's the point right? Anyway, I got this at a flea market at Bristol City Football Club a few months back. It was actually pretty disappointing vintage wise (considering that was the biggest thing on the poster) with overpriced stuff from boutiques I already choose to avoid, rather than part time sellers. One had this beau hanging behind it & I swear in my head I pushed a lady inspecting some spoons out of the way to get to it.

It's like the thickest stiffest cotton velvet in the world, with these neat button cuffs & a massive sash through the middle. It's really like nothing I would ever consider buying. But it was beautiful! Following on from my birthday post, when I was little I had this red velvet dress with long sleeves & I loved it. I remember at fruit circle time (passing around a bowl of fruit that everyones bought in) a boy told me he liked my dress & that I was beautiful. For the very first time! It all seems a little scewed now, god knows where he got that, but I remembered it. & whilst I largely disagree with dressing up for someone else, I've been on the hunt for a long sleeved velvet dress ever since.

God knows where I'll wear it. The bf said he'll put on a suit & we'll go dancing. But for now I shall admire it hanging on the back of my bedroom door & pose in doll-like pictures. Defo worth it. Oh & before I forget thank you so much to Emily for featuring me alongside some blogging greats as one of her favs, how am I doing on the more face front?



  1. Looooove this dress. You look great!

    I've got a similar dress (but your dress is prettier!) and also have the ''where and when wearing it'' problem haha.
    I used to have really long hair and vintage dresses looked quite nice on me (sounds arrogant right ha) but now with my shorter hair- I don't know, I don't know... I just end up looking way too silly haha.

  2. we all have stuff we're never worn, i have quite a few vintage things that either don't fit or doesn't feel right. i'd feel guilty if i'd paid over the odd for them though. you looked very shocked here, you shocked the dress looks decent?

  3. Mat: I was going for demented doll. Didn't come off dammit!

  4. I have so many things I'm too scared (is that the correct adjective? Whatever, I kind of am) to wear in public. This dress is gorgeous though, feeling some Florence Welch/Alexa vibes in the BEST way. xx

  5. so victorian! i love

    and it's true...first love never dies

    1. Aw I know. It's from a soko song. Made weirder by having split up with my ex 4 years ago...spooky!

  6. Very smart! Love the Victorian child vibe (truly). You should definitely try and wear this out. I think once you wear it once you'll end up wearing it a lot. x