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Awlright? I found another perfect dress! You know when you try something on in a vintage shop & it fits like...it was made for you, & it feels like some weird kind of time travel? With a little snip snip at the 70s hem (I know, sacrilege, I always feel bad) I now have a lovely long sleeve dress with an insane fit that means I can't really lift my arms above my shoulders when I wear it. Man. Plus the print looks to me like Paisley Apples (one half paisley, one half apple) although everyone at work decided they were in fact aubergines...

Feeling like I'm loosing steam in the blogosphere. Outfit posts all samey samey? What do you guys wanna see? Kind of loosing steam with a lot recently. Should be looking for something to do with my life, am existing on automatic instead, booking spur of the moment holidays just because I feel like something needs to CHANGE. 

My hair being one of those things for sure. Thinking of doing a sponsored head shave in aid of a new teen cancer wing in Bristol. I always wanted to shave my head at least once in my life, but I'm a bit worried everyone will think I have leukaemia or am going insane...like they need more ammunition in that department. What do you reckon? Good idea or bad idea?



  1. Lovely dress - I know that exact feeling of elation when you see it, you like it, you try it on and IT FITS! Had the dame thing last week with a white 60s mini dress. SUCH a good feeling.

  2. You have crazy vintage skillz! Nothing ever fits me. Maybe to the head shaving? Depends what your current life plans are, I guess. I'd kind of love to but I'm probably too chicken. x

  3. are you going to go all the way, proper shave and not just say a number 5? sounds like a good idea though, and i can imagine it suiting you, esp when i grows in slightly. 60s film star style, what's that girl's name again? glad you like the oreo post, got a couple more posts coming up that i reckon you're going to like too

    1. I don't think I could go to skin... Because at the back it just looks so disgusting. But yeah, growing it out after the 60s film star stage is the biggest problem.

  4. I spend my entire life desperate to change something, anything - mainly about my appearance - through boredom. Usually I end up with extra holes in my face!
    Lovely dress - it's such a good feeling when you get something that fits so well! I'm finding vintage stores near me in London are going for very bright colours at the moment, when all I'm searching for is black. I need to explore the charity shops in expensive areas soon!
    The head shaving - it is for an amazing cause, but you'd have to be super brave! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough, having lived with my hair at nearly waist length for so long!