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Hell yeah! I've got a double page spread in the new S/S12 edition of I.T. Post. I was so excited having picked up the mystery fed ex package from my next door neighbour that I came bounding into our house & smacked my forehead straight into the top of our door frame. Needless to say, after a lot of blood, a stressed phonecall to the NHS Direct woman who when we said we couldn't tell if it was a deep or a shallow head wound that I should either sit down & take a paracetomal or go to A&E; when I finally tore open the package it was almost worth the head injury.

I'm left with a small staple sized scab just behind my hairline at the front of my head & a lovely hard back magazine/publication full of inspiring talented people that I am more than chuffed to be amoung. I'm still not 100% sure where it's avaliable (Hong Kong?) but I have uploaded my article on whether fashion is worthwhile (the theme of this issue was Worthwhile) here so you can read it. If you so wish. 



  1. Congratulations on being published - I bet you are thrilled! I remember the first article I had in print - it was only for a school magazine but I was just so pleased to have something with my name at the bottom that I had worked really hard on! Would be very interested to read your article as to whether or not fashion is worthwhile - a little while ago on my blog I wrote a piece about whether or not fashion was frivolous. It's a very interesting debate to delve into.

  2. Oh wow! congrats! this is amazing :)

  3. very cool indeed, i reckon you can forgive then accident as you ended up with this. though it does sound nasty. you got "published"! like the way they have displayed those colours

  4. Thanks guys! Oh I'd love to read it Alexandra, I went down the "Fashion as Art" and "Fashion as Craft" routes because I think that explains the appeal best. But Art & Craft have their own issues...
    & Mat I thought you'd like that!

  5. Wow congrats! I hope your head is okay though! I love your style of writing, you are such an eloquent writer!