Today has been a funny day.

Last night I revisited some old habits & ended up the proud owner of this lovely green jumper.
I try not to make a habit of stealing other peoples clothes - anymore - but someone stole my rather lovely oversized t-shirt first so to hell with it.

Why won't it stop raining?
I'm in love with this nail varnish which I borrowed from Toby's little sister in NY. Now in search of my own version, any suggestions?

& Jesus walked home & were armed with so many plans:
Unfortunately though my Mother made off with both our pairs of car keys

So we made a rather lovely pistachio cake instead & I caught up on all your comments

Sorry for the disjointedness. I'm still on about GMT -3 rather than -5, so I'm getting there but I have heavy thoughts & Ida Maria on repeat so who knows what could happen.

Once photos are developed I will elaborate more on Paris & clothes (more importantly) but Camp America was a bit of a let down even though I picked up some lovely new friends I don't think I'll be repeating it.

Oh & I'm very happy with my first A Level after 2 years being an A* in Photography. I also gained 2 more B grade AS's from Physics (an improvement on last years D) and English Lit & I got a C in Maths - hells yes. Yes my education is fucked up & my AS count now stands at 7, I don't know what's wrong with me.

How did your summer/results go?



  1. Really? So I'm merry happy about my blog's causations.
    You know what, I would adore a post about all your rings, please please please, they look so fabulous and marvellous.

    nice hand writing by the way.

  2. I don't usually shop in Blackwells but come to think of it I did buy a stack of books there back in March to take traveling and I think you were at the cashdesk next to me. I recognised you as I went to St Brendans too. Bristol is such an inbred city, I guess it's not really surprising.

  3. well done with your results! An A*? Lucky you (:
    I hate stealing people's clothes too, I'm pretty sure all the stuff in my wardrobe is mine... I think...


  4. ooooh can't wait to see the film developed and congrats on the gradess bro xx

  5. dude makes a good cake. well done on the grades

  6. Congratulations on your grades! c:
    Keep the good job!

    Also... your haircut!! It's just too lovely! and fits you so beatifully! I'm so jealous right now.
    Ó u Ò But it's all good jealousy!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  7. Sounds like a pretty nice time, that cake looks delicious :) Glad you're back!

    Ripped Nylon

  8. Well done on the grades! Oh my goodness, I used to hate results day - GCSEs, A Levels, even when I got my degree results, I was always so convinced I'd done really badly! Glad it's all over and done with now :)

    From the photo, the nail varnish looks like a kind of pinky lilac - the closest match I can think of is Parma Violet by 17 (from Boots) - maybe check that out? xxx