I've been model scouted on a morning after a weekend of no sleep & self medication, I've had hour long conversations with a charity worker about physics & life & hair that resulted in bribing & him taking a photo of my tattoo on his phone, I've been talked into getting married (but obviously didn't actually) by old ladies at bus stops.

& today I was stopped in the center & interviewed by a woman for an X Factor magazine. Yes. Apparently it's to include style & music & when pressed for style inspiration from the music world the only thing she really picked up on was when I said that my sister had pointed out how like Frankie from the Saturday's my hair was. I don't really count that as a valid hair style inspiration, in fact barely a person who registers in my cerebral. But she liked that, so my vintage/meets-gap/meets-french-la-senza-oysho outfit will (if it appears at all) be accompanied by a picture of this non human no doubt. As my style inspiration. Ok.

The world is a strange & wonderful place.





Going to be doing a giveaway hopefully next post but can't decide what you lovely people would have to do to win. Would you be willing to take photos? Or is that too far? Hmm...I will work on something interesting, promise.

Also: apologies on the photo in the last post...my mother. & this one in fact, shows why I should never smile in photographs. But Reading was absolutely fanawtasmic, not able to be sufficiently expressed through words but comes close in what I screamed at my friend after the Libertines on Saturday night, "I think my heart just exploded."

Nuff said.


PS. On the Libertines front, I have to say that feeling of building yourself up for disappointment made me feel a little sick after they arrived on time & got through the first song. But having heard they had breaks in both legs of the R+L festival for "security reasons" & the fact that Pete had long sleeves on for both performances did nothing for my worry & sadness... I have to say though that at least he remembered the words correctly unlike Carl Barat. But nothing, not even Arctic Monkeys last year, beat that. My friend fainted & none of us wanted to haul over the barrier with her & leave the performance, that's how amazing it was. (she was fine, obviously!) I dunno, does anyone still care?


  1. Congrats on being scouted! ;) And the interview!

    I love this outfit post.

    I'm looking forward to the giveaway, whatever it may be! :)

  2. knitted underwear? you so cool. i bow down.


  3. Well, I am jealous. You saw the Libertines! I squeeled with delight when I found out they were reuniting. Too bad I'm in Australia. It's sad about Pete. I wish he would get clean.

    Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with what you wrote. I'd been wanting to write about the whole size debate for so long, but honestly, I'm the laziest blogger ever.

  4. haha my favorite: "...I've been talked into getting married (but obviously didn't actually) by old ladies at bus stops...", I wish my weekends were that eventful haha

  5. knit hotshorts? my love for you just increased tenfold.

  6. Firstly, your shorts are well cute.

    I am glad you watched the Libertines (and that they were wonderful). And it's really fine to leave me massive comments, it gives me something to read that is not a History book.

    I think I put a link somewhere in my post about The Dreamers to a sneaky sneaky place to watch it online, if you're interested in some petty crime.

    I also get random outbursts of crying for no particular reason sometimes.. I think it's something to do with built up rubbish things. Maybe.

    And thank you! Your 'bravo' in a posh voice is very much appreciated.

  7. love your blog <3
    follow you from now.

    take a look on my blog, if you like?!

  8. Congratulations! Sounds like an exciting weekend for you! :) x

  9. Oppsy, I just realised how much that sounds like it all happened this weekend... Fortunately I was in a field in Reading this weekend! These things have happened to me variously over my 18 years :)

    Must work on making my writing understandable, sorry!

  10. Ahh I love your knitted shorts, or are they technically knickers? Hmm, either way they are pretty fantastic!

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog, Futurising only just started this year, but I'm fairly sure it'll be on again next year, it was a good couple of days with talks from lots of lovely creative peeps!

    lipstick and balloons

  11. so jealous,
    likely lads
    like my favourite couple ever.
    I think kate moss's hayday was when her and doherty were constantly on the front covers of the tabloids.

    and super cute outfit! xx

  12. well, lots has happened by the sounds of it! congrats on being scouted mrs...whats happening with that, are you taking it any further?!

    i still care about the libertines although the main event was their reading/leeds performances & i didn't get to go :( i think i would have been more excited about the whole thing if i had actually been there to witness the reunion rather than just watching it on tv. a short reunion tour might be nice but not sure how i'd feel about new material, maybe its better left in the past.

    great shorts...you brave thing, did you wear those out in public?! :)


  13. eliza: yes I did indeed wear them out in public. Bristol is a funny place. Hence the getting stopped by people from X Factor magazine (oh geez) But I saw the Stolen Girlfriend Club ones so I wanted to wear mine before people could buy those!

    & on the modeling front I was scouted about a year ago (the post was just a list of random things that have happened) & did a few shoots but wasn't really up for losing weight/moving to london/or taking it more seriously than my education. So that's kind of teetered out. It was fun though!