gif amuses me greatly. From my earnest/in pain face on the first shot, to the fact that using images from two different jumps means you get 2 angles like those 3D MIA photos that did the rounds a while back. Plus my black socks, because I wore creepers, & in my mind creepers require socks, ok? Anyway how beautiful are these shorts? They're vintage 60s/70s, handmade I think because when they arrived from the magic etsy land I had to re-sew the seam around the crotch. They also came with a tunic in the same print, but it's too small for my massive rib cage. Thinking of selling...or waiting until I get bored of/too big for the shorts to sell again as a pair. So lovely though! Anyway, because I want to, here's an A-Z...


Bed Size: Double
Chores you hate: Emptying the dishwasher. Because it's so loud & clanky. If that is a word...
Dogs: I like elegant hairy ones. Like Lurcher's. Or maybe a Dalmation. I'll stick with my elegant, very hairy, evil cat for the moment though.
ssential Start to your day: Guardian suduko. So middle-class. Shoot me.
Favourite Colour: Blue.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: 5"11 last time I checked. Hoping it's got to 6 by now!
Instruments I play: Drums. With my hands on desks/thighs/heads. Not on the drum kit I have that has never been put together though, no.
Job Title: Dirty student/bookseller
Kids: I want loads. A brood. I need at least 4 to guarantee one ginger one. All boys, maybe one girl. But definitely a boy first. The names I have so far are Helvetica (if it's not copyrighted), Walter, Quentin & something I keep forgetting. I'm the broodiest person I know. & yes my kids might get bullied. Hopefully I will raise them to be awesome enough not too, even with their stupid names.
Live: Bristol! (said in a football chant manner, as it should be)
Mum's Name: Diane
Nickname: Ginger, Ginge, Ginger Buns, Bunyan, Jezebel, Bambi, Legs, Ginger Jess In The Tiny Dress. Everyone gives me a nickname for some reason...
One wish: Rupert Murdoch never to have existed.
Pet Peeve: Ignorance. & people who walk slowly in front of me.
Quote from a Movie: "What is your greatest ambition in life?" "To become immortal...and then die." From A Bout de Souffle AKA Breathless. Although much of it is quotable.

Right or Left handed: Right.
Siblings: Sister who's 10 years older than me, brother who's older than her.
Time you wake up:
I wake up usually about 8, then I lie staring out my window/reading/watching stuff on the laptop/talking if there's someone in my bed. I get up about 9/10. Earlier on Friday's for physics.
Underwear: Done best by the French.
Vegetables you dislike: Aubergine.
What makes you run late: I don't like being late, so I'm not really. Probably just forgetting the time. Like I'll be doing something that I think will take the 10 minutes before I have to leave the house & it ends up taking half an hour without me realizing it. I don't like to make people wait though. It's rude. LAURIE.
X-Rays you've had done: My head when I fractured my skull. Teeth.
Yummy food you make: My flapjacks & triple chocolate (with peanut butter) cookies are like world renowned.
Zoo Animals: Meerkats.

That was fun. Stolen from We Could Cause Catastrophes who got it from Anchor of Roses.

Now you.


  1. Loved this post for at least two reasons, namely:
    1) Reference to Diane
    2) Acknowledgement of how annoying it is when Laurie is late.
    Can you guess who this is gingerbuns?? xxx
    PS just realised how creepy this sounds - it's not!

  2. Those shorts are wonderful! And your earnest/in pain face is adorable haha.

    I am definitely going to steal this A-Z thingy from you. I'm a little bit bored (though later I'm making cake and a costume for either the first Edwardian Book of Common Prayer or one of Henry VIII's beheaded wives, how exciting!).

  3. ANNIE!! Hello dear. I was going to send you a zine but I couldn't find your address :( e-mail/text it to me? Hope exams & Oxford-ing has been lovely (& exciting due to Mrs.Obama no?) LOVE YOU

    alicia: that sounds like a very intellectual fancy dress party. I'm well impressed! My thoughts are just normally...what do I really want to wear but wouldn't pass in normal society? Then I pretend it's something...

  4. i love those shorts! x

  5. we all know a lot more now. loads in fact

  6. drooool .. those shorts are off the radar!! gonna send you some zines lady xx

  7. Fully with you on the underwear answer there. They know whats what in France when it comes to pants.xx

  8. I'm kinda, sorta, maybe in love with you. That's all. Haha.

    Definitely have a new follower in me (how else am I supposed to stalk you? Jk. Kinda)!