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By way of some semblance of an apology for my absence here is some beauty for your screen. The work of Andreas Loszlo Konrath has embarrassingly only just come to my attention via the New York magazine that my sister brought back with her last weekend from America. The article on the "lost generation" that I am a cliche of was actually really interesting too, with Konrath's photographs of hipsters with tape scrawled with things like "STUCK" & "Everyone default on your loans" etc, etc illustrating the piece wonderfully enough to catch my attention. Actually, kudos all round for New York magazine, even their joke dissection of a zombie brain is presented beautifully.

Anyway, yes, where have I been? Well no where really. I've been at work. Went to London for a family reunion last weekend. Got pretty ill and slept/relaxed it off between bursts of stress as work. It pisses me off that when people hear I work in a bookshop they assume I sit there all day reading proofs, when actually I've spent the last month dealing with some of the worst human beings known to planet Bristol: Bristol Students. I actively hate and resent them. I'm sorry if you turned up as one of the rare nice people amongst the upper class scum. But honestly I despair for needing a lawyer, doctor or um... French speaker in the future when these clowns are running around. Enough of that.

Basically mostly I've just been really fucking happy at the moment. Life is pretty good despite not really going anywhere. But I have missed finding lovely stuff, thinking about what clothes to wear & writing. & you guys! Of course. First & foremost I've really missed you guys. So I have the day off tomorrow & between doctors appointments & getting ready to go to Belfast I promise to think about & schedule some posts.

How are you?!



  1. Wah, all your posts are so perfect :3

  2. I Love his work too! Such a great photographer...i have never seen Snooki photographed with such class...if that even makes sense!


  3. students eh, i can assure you that i wasn't a horrible one. though i though what it's like, i work in a shop, not as classy as a bookshop but i still get the rough end. douches.

    glad you approve on the pen, i can see you with one of them you know. nice to have a london break

  4. I too was oblivious to his work until you just enlightened me. In love