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I'd been promising myself some time to look at my clothes & try stuff out to prepare for winter.  Does anyone else do that? J treated me like I was clinically insane... but then there aren't many variations on black jeans, black band t-shirt. After some jumper/dress combos that may be marginally successful, I landed on this dress. I got it in Berlin from a pretty good vintage shop, it reminded me of the central Beyond Retro but the stock was like 100 times better & less static inducing (Alex's vintage I think, near Cash that one that eveyone recommends but was shit).

The hottish weather has meant I've overlooked this lovely crimplene dress because it's just so damn thick. But it's cold enough to get away with & if I take off the tights for work (where it's pretty hot) then it's slightly practical too, yay! Minus the belly inducing waist belt... haha. I love crimplene because (as you can see from the gif) it doesn't move! You lean one way & it stays where it is. I can't count the number of times I've put something on, thought I was prepared for the weather & then realised that in the slightest wind it wants to expose my underwear to the world. Not this bad boy.

In other news I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself having finally made it to a Doctors appointment yesterday & I also had Cat turn my hair into an afro so I'm abducting her to reproduce it for halloween. I'm really looking forward to it! A little pissed about probably missing Friday night at the lanes because I get back from Belfast pretty late, but Saturday & Monday should make up for it. What are you guys doing? Is anyone else appalled at the lack of stamina shown for people doing Halloween stuff on Monday night?

Just me?



  1. beautiful dress, it's such a lovely colour!

  2. i dunno, i've never really gone for halloween, not that fussed. also it probably has more appeal to me that bonfire like. screw the kids doing penny for the guy, you say no and get called a knobhead. one even called me a bj too, clearly he misjudged that one.

    pretty ace dress i reckon, it's a really good shade of blue too. i know little of crimplene but i know it's good to say out loud