Happy thoughts:
  • Booked flights to Berlin & somewhere to stay, plus a train to Paris for the summer, now just need to figure what happens after that...
  • I got an A in my last piece of English coursework, hopefully an A
  • I actually understand what we're doing in physics
  • Art/textiles is almost over & then my creativity is free, free, FREE
  • Listening to Adele/Pixies/Pulp
  • My love is back on track after a hiccup...or more of a huge fucking mountain...well we found a way to tunnel through
  • Easter holidays
  • The extent of my education is almost completely & utterly over.
Happy weekend



  1. I can oddly relate to all of these haha. And ooh when are you in Berlin/Paris? Late June/early July by any chance? That would be weird..

    Hooray for education being over (until I (hopefully) go to uni of course)! AND I understand what we're doing in Maths and finished my History coursework. Easter is always my favourite, aside from summer of course, because it's just getting sunny and everyone is so chilled. Happy Easter!

  2. Love that photo :)
    Ahhhhghhh so glad it's holidays now!
    Hope you have a lovely time in Berlin and Paris when it comes round, i wish i could travel more!