Admittedly this is a bit of a cop out as far as posts go. But basically, it's almost the end of the year so I was trying to discuss with my Benny, Cat, Max & Seb the other day - over mulledness & mince pies - about what songs had really hit them this year. It came about after reading a list in G2 that only featured songs from like the last  two months or something. Which surely isn't the point. So here it is! There's only one oldie in there (at the beginning) but it stands for Arctic Monkeys new album as well as the B-Side compilation Jesus made for my birthday. It's also probably the one that pops up in my head unexpectedly the most. & I'm sorry but the last two... I've obviously softened towards the end of the year. What's your opinion on Lena Del Rey? Against my better judgement I've had her youtube mix on repeat & am so close to pressing the itunes pre order button. Do you love or hate?

What were your highlights?


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  1. when i saw lena del rey on jools i thought you was pretty amazing