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At work yesterday I got a text from my mum to say that her & the builders were very excited about a FedEx package that had arrived. So when I got home & opened it up I was extremely excited to see the magazine I wrote an article for a few months back. I don't actually know too much about it from the sparse correspondance I've had with one of the editor/contributors but google makes me think it's a publication in conjunction with a boutique type shop in China. It came from Hong Kong.

BUT enough of that, down to the nitty gritty of the fact that it is FUCKING AMAZING. It's basically like someone's vomited up all the best editorials & fashion adverts, along with some kick ass articles and bound it all together in a highly design conscious way. There are little booklets between the big pages, pop ups at the end & even one of those pull the slide & the image changes thing. It took me a while to find my piece, "Sunday Best" & I have to say the black on green niggled me a little because it's properly hard to read, but oh well. To be honest I'm just super flattered to be asked to do this kind of thing!

I'm not sure if the issue is available anywhere online. There are videos of the past issues here, but if you'd like to enquire about an issue if you drop me an e-mail (neonpeg@gmail.com) I'll interrogate them for you!



  1. Your right, the design and graphics of that magazine is amazing! Congratulations on being published!

    Leigh xx

  2. now this is proper cool isn't it, unexpected goodness. really cool that you are in something that you think is really well designed too, i mean it wouldn't matter if it was basic but it adds a bit of extra snaz. can't harm can it. nice one though

  3. Congrats! This looks amazing. Great packaging too. What is your article about? x

  4. That magazine looks amazing! Congrats on being featured - and I love your little animated gif - they are my favourite things to make and I love seeing other people's!

  5. wOW CONGRATULATIONS!! THAT LOOKS SO SWEET <3 (I didn't mean to shout)