Dear birthday fairies, I have found the most perfect ring in all the world. Ironically, it is shaped like a world and it opens to place special things like glitter & love letters in. Now unfortunately it costs almost £900 & I'm not even sure if you can get it in the UK. But I guess what I'm trying to say is either, you have 3 months to raise £900 to waste on a ring, or please may you send an equally perfect less "solid gold" more "gawdy costume" my way, or my friend/families way. Thank you. & PS, I always knew you existed.

Damn you Delfina Delettrez. You are beautiful & you make the most disgustingly perfect jewelry I may have ever seen, even if it's just through the internet. Imagine it in real life!? I think this will have to be assigned to the Pamela Love part of my brain of dream but never truly think about buying pieces. All this admiring of things I can never afford it getting out of control. On the upside I still haven't bought anything this year! Apart from a Kanye West CD, does that count?

I'm in such a good mood! A sleepless weekend, starting with feeling ill & wafting around work in a dressing gown like maxi cardigan, then reading an amazing book Death & the Penguin on the coach, a lovely lovely lovely surprise birthday party for the Jayster, followed by Sunday hangovers of boxsets & friends & a Monday getting breakfast, going to vintage/charity shops & then parting ways as he went on to see his dad & I came home for English. I just wish the overarching feeling of doing shit in my exams wasn't there but oh well.

How was your weekend?



  1. Her jewellery is amazing isn't it!? I am strangely in love with the pink eye ring :)
    I'm sure your exams went very well by the way!

  2. Gahhh, I love all of these! The eye ring reminds me of these novelty rings I got at Disneyland when I was a kid from the Indiana Jones ride, except this one is obviously way more stylish!