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Getting my orange on with these two new purchases. Zara via eBay skirt feels like a wetsuit & is a little too big but I've made my piece with it. & UO jumper I bought of my friend who got it in the sale. I'm not sure if this overrides my New Year's Resolution, but as long as I didn't walk into a UO shop or website & hand over my money surely that's ok? Plus, it's awesome. If a little see-thru. I don't know what the weather is up to at the moment so it puts dressing all out of whack. & I feel a bit out of whack generally. Maybe it's the season, all the change going on, whilst all I've done is quadruple my days at work. I dunno, having the conversation about "what the fuck to do with my life" about 10 times a day with myself & the people around me has started to give me a sort of groundhog day feeling.

Also me & the J-ster started playing with my projector FINALLY this weekend. Although we/I haven't quite figured out the best clothing to wear & we also forgot that doing it in daylight would make the images seriously shoddy. Plus tattoos & ugly bruises kind of distract from the projection pattern. Being instructed to "move your head up a bit, no. & right. too much." whilst I tried to get the word TIME on my forehead & KILLING on my chest so they were readable, was hilarious.

& finally before I have to decide what to do with my Sunday, a big HELLO to all the new followers who have arrived recently. I am trying to be a better blogger, more regularly etc. But I've just lost my inspiration these last couple of weeks. Maybe it's the big "D" word looming again. Oh no. Anyway hello!

& thank you!



  1. Love the jumper! I have a similar one in cream but that rust colour is gorgeous.

  2. YES I was excited for the projector pictures, I can see this getting interesting! Congrats on all those followers, too.

  3. well i'm having the convo with myself a lot of the moment, i'm looking for full time work and want to move to manchester. so in the mean time i'm stuck at topman part time and just trying to find interesting things to do. more projector pics i say, you should project old photographs onto yourself

  4. Everything about your blog is to be adored, sincerely and truly